About Us

SniperChannel offers the oppurtunity to use a unique media which gives the chance to reach to selected target group.

SniperChannel provides to give services for all onboard advertising mediums with using materilals approved by all Aviation Safety Agencies. SniperChannel is one and only onboard advertising agency of Turkey.

SniperChannel gives a services for several local & international airline companies and some airports. Beside these SniperChannel gives different advertising services for several unique local and abroad advertising areas.

You can see at ‘Channels’ link all the advertising areas that SniperChannel offers to you or you can follow by¬†Twitter and be updated instantly.

What Does an Advertiser Want?

  • To reach its target group easily
  • To communicate with the target group
  • To deliver his message completely
  • 100% measurability, memorability
  • To perform all these with a suitable budget

You can have all these with Inner-Airplane Advertisement Area of SniperChannel…