• World’s Most Expensive Sleep Is In These Planes…

    Aviation, World News / 07/06/2013


    To offer its passengers their most unforgettable flight naps, Virgin Atlantic manufactured the most expensive sleeping goggles of the world in cooperation with Swarovski... Manufactured only 5 in number, these

  • X-Large Plane Seats…

    Aviation, World News / 05/05/2013


    Samoa Airlines, whose name was heard with the implementation of 'flight tickets in accordance with passenger weight', pioneers another first. The firm started offering supersized, i.e. X-large, seats this time...

  • 10 Thousand Feet And Zero Dandruff…

    Agenda, Aviation / 03/03/2013

    clear görsel

    Unilever's shampoo brand Clear preferred SniperChannel's advertising spaces in planes for its brand projects this year as well... Clear, Turkey's first anti-dandruff shampoo chose SniperChannel's plane advertising spaces for its

  • World’s Largest Paper Plane

    Aviation, World News / 08/02/2013

    Kağıt Uçak

    World's largest paper plane could levitate only for 6 seconds during the first trial flight run in the Arizona Desert... Valdenegro, a 12 year-old student from Tuscon, worked together with